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We offer web development and design using cutting edge technology and best practices. All of our sites are built for performance, ease-of-use and flexibility. Our passion is growing your business through smart, hard working and beautiful interfaces with tools like JavaScript, Drupal, WordPress and more. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you reach your online goals? Please contact us below.

Latest Blogs

5 Column Layout with Bootstrap

Recently Shamley Incorporated received a client request for a new feature that required a 5 column layout. We have been using Bootstrap 3.x for this site which makes most layouts very easy, however there is no way to make it work for 5 even columns. Luckily it is pretty simple to add your own Bootstrap layouts, the below code pattern will give you a nice feature set for building your 5 column layout with the options shown in the image.

File Downloads with the HTML5 Download Attribute

So...I was wrong. I had thought that file downloads like below were a feature of AngularJS. This is not true, the Download Attribute is vanilla HTML and an awesome feature! We've all been in a situation where a client asks us to make that link automatically download a file. Now you can do that without having to write a bunch of JavaScript and fake an <iFrame> or even (GASP) use a Flash plugin to make it work. Not anymore!

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