Compiling LESS files with GulpJS

GulpJS is the streaming task runner written in JavaScript. It leverages the streaming abilities of Node.js in order to quickly pipe through multiple operations. GulpJS has a growing community of devs that have built a large number of plugins (1533 as of this post). GulpJS prefers code over configuration, is easy to use and is very fast thanks to a small API and code optimizations.

Proper way to spell/capitalize JavaScript

You guessed it, the spelling used in the title is correct. One day I wondered, "hey, what is the proper capitalization of JavaScript?". I set out to Google the answer only to find that the answer wasn't the easiest to find, mainly because 'capitalize JavaScript' kept coming back with links to posts about toUpperCase() or similar. I did find an acceptable answer on Yahoo! Answers after some digging.

Customizing Drupal 7 "Submitted by" text

Altering the text that displays at the top of nodes in Drupal 7 is quite simple. I started by adding first and last name fields to the user profile (admin/config/people/accounts/fields) so that we could display the users proper name rather than their username. Below is the code I used in my template.php file. Customize the message as you see necessary.